Welcome to Pebble

Welcome to Pebble

Why we do what we do

Pebble is a coach-mentoring training provider, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, specialising in leadership and management training solutions.

Our beleif is that every workplace needs skilled leaders, people who understand how to communicate, encourage and support the people around them. We beleive in creating an environment where people want to come to work every day and do their best. To achive this, you need a trusted training and development partner who can guide you, advise you and be there for you.

Who we work with

Individuals or groups, maybe you work for a business and you want to improve your personal effectiveness to be better at what you do? Or a young professional starting out in the corporate world. Or a business owner or manager who wants to create a great workplace culture of effective leadership and where employees enjoy their work to gain the best from their employees. If you are nodding in agreement right-now, you need a training provider like Pebble.

How it works

Pebble will involve you and map out each step of the way, allowing everyone invloved to follow and implement your specific needs. We provide training and coaching solutions that are engaging, easy to follow, and straight forward enough for you or your employees to incorporate back in the workplace, and see results straight away.

With over 18 years of experience within the field of leadership development, management training, and coaching, Pebble has sucessuflly helped individuals and organisations increase their personal effectiveness, leadership development, training solutions, and employee engagement processes. Our expertise means we can help you create a culture where leaders can flourish and employees feel valued as individuals.

Why not book a discovery call to learn more and see if we can meet your needs? Use the contact form below.

Join from anywhere

My facilitated training and coaching sessions can virtual, allowing you to access my services from your location, on various platforms, including MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.