The difference between leadership and management

The difference between leadership and management
Pebble - 6th November 2022

We hear the words all the time, leadership, management, they are often used interchangeably as well as in our job titles, but do you know the differences between the two? It's not as easy to define as you may first think, but yet we can all probably describe the actions, or feelings we get when we describe the two.

First look at leadership!

Leadership is the act of guiding, motivating, and inspiring people to achieve a common goal. It's about building a shared vision, and then working with others to achieve it. You've heard the sayings...

  • "Never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn't do yourself"
  • "Lead from the front, manage from the rear"

Leadership is not always an easy task because it requires a certain personality type to do well in the role. The qualities of leadership are typically associated with extroversion, confidence and charisma - all qualities which may be difficult for introverts to possess or project. But yet, still possible with training and practice. 

So what about management?

Management on the other hand does not require any specific personality type but does require a certain skill set in order to be effective at managing others or tasks effectively. Management deals with overseeing operations to ensure that they are carried out effectively and efficiently. It's a skill set all about organising and directing. It's ensuring that things happen as they should, when they should, where they should and by whom they should. 

Which are you?

Whether you consider yourself to be a leader or a manager, the fact is as business owners or people who are responsible for others at work you are both! A good leader is someone who can motivate their team to work hard and be productive. They are also someone who can make sure that the team is happy and healthy. A good manager should have a lot of skills, such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. They should also be able to delegate tasks to their team members in a way that will make them feel valued.

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