Instructional Design

Instructional Design

What is instructional design?

The work of an instructional designer involves using a wide range of technology, having a keen eye for visual design and having excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Pebble's job is to help businesses identify skills and knowledge gaps within their workforce and design training programmes to bridge them. Pebble aims to facilitate learning within the workplace using the latest research and techniques to increase engagement and aid knowledge retention.

My work is utilised for a variety of applications and businesses. For example, outlining training courses, team meetings, instruction manuals, workshops, tutorials, multimedia training courses, and evaluations are all types of instructional content that Pebble plan, create, and optimise.

Significant benefits

You may not be aware of the significant benefits of workplace training. Training can increase productivity among employees when it is properly developed and implemented. How? By boosting measurable indicators like productivity, sales, employee satisfaction and revenue while lowering expenses, waste, and inefficiencies. With quality workplace training your business can increase engagement and motivation too.

How it works

We schedule a call, and you tell me your ideas, plans and thoughts. We discuss your goals in detail, define your objectives and desired outcomes, organise your content into priority lists, and discuss the best course of action.

Whatever your starting point, Pebble's Done For You (DFY) service enables you to rapidly produce a complete programme outline and materials that you can give to your team for them to facilitate the rollout of the programme to your employees. If you have no one in your workplace to facilitate the rollout, Pebble can do this for you as part of our training delivery service.

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