Business Mentoring Schemes

Business Mentoring Schemes

Its hard to do it on your own!

Pebble Professional Development is a leading provider of mentoring products and services. Our goal is to help you develop your own mentoring programme, so you can achieve the benefits of mentoring your team.

Pebble aims are to:

  • Remove the mystique that often surrounds the concept of the mentor and encourage managers to embrace the role with confidence.
  • Increase awareness around mentoring and 
  • Provide a framework to enable mentoring skills to be developed and refined whilst being implemented, quickly and thoroughly.

We know that a mentoring scheme can be a tough thing to get right. There are so many aspects to consider, from the design of the programme itself to the ethics of how it's carried out. 

That's why we like to take a holistic approach when designing our mentoring schemes—because we know that everything touches every other thing in some way, and if you don't consider all those connections, one small oversight could have huge consequences down the line!

Benefits of mentoring

Mentoring is an incredibly powerful tool for personal growth and professional development—it helps people learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities by allowing them access to experts who can guide them through difficult situations without any pressure on either side. 

Some examples include:

  • Access information and advice from an experienced professional
  • Discover your strengths and develop new skills
  • Explore what you do and don’t want/like
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence to have a clearer career direction and reach your aspirations
  • Gain key skills such as understanding how to communicate

Since we believe so strongly in the power of this kind of relationship between peers (rather than manager/employee), we make sure that every aspect of our mentoring schemes reflect this philosophy: from how they're structured and managed within each company to how we communicate with participants after each session has ended.

Whether you are looking for support with developing a mentoring programme or want advice on how to run an effective one, Pebble can help. Visit our services page to see our training and mentoring programmes that can help you to become a great mentor.


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