About Me

About Me

Personal Effectiveness Coach

Hello, my name is Mark Berry MCIPD.

As a qualified coach and an experienced training facilitator, I assist businesses in developing a culture that supports high performance and quality leadership standards. My approach takes leaders from under-confident and overwhelmed to strengthened confidence, personal effectiveness, and greater self-awareness to help them reach their full potential and develop into more prominent leaders.

  • If you believe you have the potential to succeed but confidence is holding you back, I can help.
  • If you feel you are not good enough, physically exhausted, and on the brink of packing it in, I'm able to help you turn that around.
  • If you want to be your true, authentic self at work, be relaxed and present outside of work, we can definitely do this together.

My style of coaching is holistic, calm and empowering, yet it also works wonders at inspiring individual challenges. Through the use of attentive listening and insightful questioning, Positive Psychology, NLP and mindset coaching, my main goal is always to make sure that my clients experience is positive and delivers lasting change, with 'shifts' in their way of thinking to broaden their perspective.

I have years of experience working with successful business owners, young professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders who are still unsure of their worth. This uncertainty affects how well they perform in their daily lives and businesses.

I help overworked business owners, managers and young professionals reduce workload stress, boost productivity, free up mental bandwidth (the ability to think straight) so they can improve personal effectiveness (or their team's) by removing blockages and mind-limiting beliefs holding them back. My mission is to assist you in recognising your brilliance, owning your expertise and raising your profile whether you're searching for a greater purpose and focus in your life as a professional or a leader wanting to create your authentic leadership style.

I combine techniques such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and critical realism to collaborate with groups and individuals, concentrating on a variety of factors that influence human performance. My passion is in facilitating people, businesses, and organisations to learn, expand their thinking, create greater awareness, and grow.

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Join from anywhere

My facilitated training and coaching sessions can virtual, allowing you to access my services from your location, on various platforms, including MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.