Young Professionals Coaching Programme

Young Professionals Coaching Programme

Invest in yourself!

Pebbles Young Professionals Coaching Programme is a 12 session coaching programme for young professionals aged 20-36, who are just starting in a professional role or have changed careers.

The programme offers 12 one-hour coaching sessions tailored specifically to your needs and work place situations, so you can focus on what's important to you and achieve your goals, all within a fraction of the time.

Your Young Professionals Coaching Programme will give you the support and guidance you need just when you need it the most. Having someone with you, a mentor with years of experience, who can help guide you through your ideas and make use of your time more effectively will be much less stressful than working it out alone.

Coaching will help you with all sorts of imaginable situations, such as promotions, and workplace situations, and improve your people skills, communication skills, and self-awareness. We have decades of experience in coaching and mentoring that you can use straight away to fast-track your confidence and give you the motivation and clarity to address workplace issues. All whilst improving your relationships at work, helping you make better decisions, gaining focus on your goals, raising your profile, and getting your ideas heard!

Invest in your employees!

The importance of employee development for retaining top talent, building an internal talent pipeline, and keeping employees engaged is now becoming clear to many businesses. The evidence supports this. According to a Deloitte survey of millennials, 63% of them believe that their leadership abilities are not being completely developed, and 71% of workers that are planning to quit their current jobs in the next two years are unhappy with the way their leadership skills are being developed. These figures are still increasing.

Investing in coaching for your employees creates promotable employees and strengthens the businesses ability to improve sales, customer satisfaction and employee retention. It promotes better decision making, creates fantastic self-awareness and generally makes your employees feel valued and better connected to the businesses aims and values itself. 

This 12 session coaching programme is the perfect solution for any young professional who needs guidance. Join us to improve your people skills, and self-awareness and be more productive in your career! With the Young Professionals Coaching Programme, it's never too early to invest in your personal and professional development.

  • 12 hourly coaching sessions
  • Regular phone call, email, and WhatsApp support
  • Goal planning and documentation provide
  • 100% confidencial 
  • Spread the cost interest free (individuals and businesses)

Join from anywhere

Pebble has designed all its facilitated training and coaching sessions to be delivered virtually, allowing you to access our services from wherever you are, with various platforms, including MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

12 Session Package

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